Located in Shanghai, a mega city in China, Shanghai Rongfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of new fine chemical materials, new pesticides, pharmaceuticals and dye intermediates. Its business covers trade services, biological pesticides, technical pharmaceutical preparations and other fields.

The annual sales of the company is nearly 1 billion yuan. Adhering to the development idea of "taking safety and environmental protection as the basis and scientific and technological innovation as the guide", it has focused on the development and application of various pharmaceutical intermediates for many years, forming a complete industrial chain from monomer synthesis to downstream product processing. It is widely used in agricultural production, biotechnology, medical and health care, emerging materials and other fields, and its products are sold to many countries and regions, International popularity and market share increased steadily.

At the same time, the company always adheres to the responsible care for employees and society, resettled nearly 300 disabled people for employment, achieved health, safety and environmental protection in the whole process from R & D to production, and took the road of sustainable development. The company has provincial and municipal scientific and technological R & D centers, and has established long-term and stable technical R & D cooperation with many chemical research institutes and scientific research institutes of universities.

Looking forward to the future, the global agrochemical platform of Shanghai Rongfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will accelerate technological innovation through independent research and development and extensive cooperation, take into account other fine chemicals while vigorously developing the original pharmaceutical intermediate products, promote the optimization and upgrading of products and industrial structure, and realize the steady and sustainable development of the enterprise, Strive to build the company into a fine chemical brand manufacturer with core competitiveness and international influence!

After years of development, our company has obtained cooperative relations with many countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia and Africa. Welcome your consultation.